DEEVA, the new star of the FB "family" destined to be talked about, telling a new story of success. Clean aesthetics and advanced technical performance to serve a compact and functional showcase.

Materials, colors and finishes that express many ideas of a modern contemporary. Back painted frontal glass(customizable) and end panels with serigraphy, chosen as aesthetic solutions for an instrument able to impose itself with his own personality into any setting.

Gemma, the compact display cabinet of FB “family," is renewed in style, range and performance. Gemma J was born, the youngest of the FB showcases, a valuable instrument that can enhance every product displayed thanks to the purity of its forms and the clarity of the visual effect.

Gemma J with its compact forms is even lighter and more harmonious with the new version of height. Design suitable to enhance any environment in where it is inserted. Intense luminosity guaranteed by next-generation LED, for an amplified exposure.

Another star comes onto the scene of Italian and international successes. Virna is the expression of contemporary taste that goes beyond the passing fads of fashion, free of excesses or extravagance. Virna is a timeless object, one that is destined to last because it is not subject to fleeting trends.
The display surface becomes the undisputed star performer, highlighted by the multiple variations on the theme offered by this display case. The transparency of the tempered glass has been paired with a base which, for the first time, is proposed in a completely transparent version.
The technological core is what has always distinguished the FB brand in its market sector.